IS FOR SALE! is a 11+ year old aged domain name having been first registered in October, 2005.  Registration has never lapsed.

Listed for sale on auctions, this is a unique name because of the common use of the term “Christian” and the ironic twist of “Squares.”  Both words individually result in a staggering amount of online searches.   This provides numerous advantages for use of the term that can be piggybacked on, including movies, TV shows, games, and more.  The potential for branding this domain name is substantial.

Having used and tracked several pricing models for the name, we have placed the asking price on the low, undervalued end of the spectrum.  In other words, it is priced to sell – we are selling it now at a lower valuation, rather than holding out long term for a larger profit.

With, you have the opportunity to get a very brand-able, premium domain name with a long registration history, and tremendous potential at a reasonable entry level price.

The domain is listed by GoDaddy. They do not allow a direct link to the listing but you can type in in the search box at GoDaddy here: